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Guzzo and Garner Custom Build Process-New Construction

Guzzo & Garner Custom Home Builders want to involve our homeowners with every step of our process, to make sure that your home is truly up to “dream standards.”

We rely on communication and our longstanding process of back and forth that enables us to get to know you and understand your tastes and expectations.

This eight-step process also helps to keep all the team players—the homeowner, builder, architect, designers and custom contractors—all on the same page. Our goal, you as homeowner must be thrilled with your new home!

The 8 Steps of Building a Guzzo & Garner Custom Home

What, When, Where and How Much

Step 1 Initial Meeting – Getting to Know You

Schedule meeting with the team- In our initial meeting we like to get to know you as well as sharing information with you about us-our team and our company. We ask what you are looking for in a home and what elements of the home are most important to you.

Once we discuss the home (what we term “the WHAT”), we will address “the WHEN”—your timeline, ideas of projected completion, etc. Then we will address “the WHERE” regarding whether you have a home lot in mind or whether you would like our assistance in finding one.

And of course, HOW MUCH is always a question. We need to have a realistic idea of budget so we can give you a clear idea of how your budget translates into the final deliverable—your dream home.

Step 2 Choosing an Architect and Plans Drawn

Once we have discussed, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW MUCH we can move forward to meeting with an architect to begin drawing up the plans. We work with two outstanding architects: C. David Johnson and Todd Parker but it is fine, however, if you prefer to use an architect of your choosing.

Once you have chosen an architect, our team works with you on the drawings of your home. We go through all the details room by room in order to give you a clear visual of how the home will look and flow, as well as a thorough understanding of your options for the finishes. This process helps to define the budget more accurately as well.

Step 3 Quote Process

Once the architectural drawings are complete, we can then begin to quote the project. The quoting process involves sending all the plans out to our subcontractors to get real prices for materials and labor. We then create a bid sheet for the project and propose the cost of the home. Once everyone is in agreement a contract is signed.

Step 4 Interior & Exterior Finish Selections

Selection begin and the fun starts! Once we have your signed contract over to the bank and we are approved for a construction loan, the build begins.

We take you to the vendors all around town to select your finishes—flooring, tile, hardware, woodwork, fixtures, etc.

Our selections coordinator is present at every appointment to make sure each necessary item is selected and the budget is presented. If you are interested in working with an interior designer, this is a great time to invite them into the process. You may either choose your own designer, or one of the top regional designers with whom G&G works.

Step 5 Construction Begins

The dig begins and construction is scheduled to wrap no later than 15 to 16 months from the day of digging. Changes can increase timelines.

Step 6 Design and Build Process in Action

Throughout the build process you are always directly linked to the owners of our company. Joe Garner and Ron Guzzo are here for you should any questions arise.

During the design/build process, our selections coordinator and your interior designer will keep close communications with you on all of your custom selections—sending photos, providing updates, scheduling walkthroughs.

We also have walkthrough meetings of the home through each milestone, such as framing, electrical, interior trim and punch out.

Step 7 Final Punch Out

Punch out lists are created in a walk-through meeting. This is when we put on all the finishing touches in preparation for move in.

Step 8 Move In

Congratulations, your dream home is now complete! Make ready to move into your new luxury custom built home!